I. Installation

  1. Open the file fig>admin>config.xml and change the "username" and "password" attributes to what you want. The "thumbs" attribute can be left at "full" or changed to "crop". Explanation of each is below.

    full - when pictures are uploaded the thumbnails will maintain their proportion to the original picture.

    crop - thumbnails will be cropped to fit the exact area that fig allows for a thumbnail.
  2. Upload the fig folder to your website.
  3. Rename the file fig>admin>blah.htaccess to .htaccess. This file keeps anyone from reading your username and password from the config.xml file.
  4. Change the CHMOD settings to 777 on the following files and folders.

  5. Now use your browser to go to yoursite/fig/admin. Login into your admin and start making galleries and uploading pictures. Don't use any weird characters like quotations, <, >, or backslashes in your gallery names or pictures descriptions.

II. Requirements

You will need PHP support on your server to run FIG Admin and GD installed. You will probably need Internet Explorer 6+ too since that's all I tested it with.

FIG can be run without the need for PHP but the admin will not be accessible and all the xml files and image thumbnails will need to be created manually. This process can be greatly simplified using FIG Creator from Muffin. It is an offline tool for creating the image galleries, thumbnails, and descriptions.

III. Credits

Original FIG was inspired by imagevue. If your looking for a professional tool, imagevue may satisfy your need.

FIG Admin uses javascript sortable list script from Tool-man and image editor PHP class from Ash Young.

FIG and FIG Admin were created by Cade Halada.

IV. Updates

10/16/05 - FIG Admin 1.1 - Less error prone coding provided by zygfryed. Thanks man.

10/14/05 - FIG 1.16 and FIG Admin 1.0

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